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Greater Curve Tofflemire Bands
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Why use the Greater Curve system for composites?

Most interproximal composite techniques have one thing in common. Force teeth apart with a wedge and separating spring combination. Moving teeth to restore interproximal decay presents problems:

  1. Wedging teeth produces inconsistent contacts. Especially MOD's. One side tight- the opposite side not so tight. The dentist loses time redoing the contact.
  2. A wedge can create a contact with excellent buccal to lingual width but the wedge prevents a contact with depth. A thin marginal ridge contact appears clinically complete, but permits food impaction. Short teeth are particularly difficult. Simply not enough room for hardware.
  3. A wedge on anterior teeth yields straight line emergence contours resulting in unsightly black triangles. Furthermore, the traditional mylar strip – wedge combo are deplorable at achieving moisture control.

The Greater Curve system addresses these concerns. The solution is simple. Restore teeth in a neutral position. Eliminate the need for wedging.

  • Hardware greatly simplified. A retainer and band is all that is needed.
  • Build tight contacts with width and depth.
  • Teeth with wide interproximal embrasures are easily restored.
  • Fabricate anterior restorations with rounded emergence contours.
  • Greater Curve hardware is minimal, hence you save money.
Dennis Brown, DDS

Dennis Brown, DDS, Developer of the Greater Curve matrix system.

The Dental Products Report 2007 100 Product of Distinction 2010 Reality Four Star Award The Dental Advisor ++++1/2